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Anti-diabetic drug could soon be used for healthy ageing

Metformin could also increase lifespan.


Ann B. Davis, 'Brady Bunch' housekeeper, dies at 88

Comic actress Ann B. Davis, who played the devoted housekeeper Alice on 'The Brady Bunch' passed away on June 1 at the age of 88, from a head injury caused by a fall.


Wikipedia unreliable source for health info, study says

Doctors scour online encyclopedia’s health-related pages; find errors in nine of 10 articles.


Calming the anxious mind

A mindfulness course changed everything for one woman who spent a lifetime suffering from anxiety.


Godfather of aerobatics Peter Besenyei still feels 25

Despite turning 58, Hungarian pilot Peter Besenyei remains at peak physical condition, claiming he's maintained his ideal body weight for 35 years and that he still has the reflexes of a 25-year-old. His secret? Be surprised.


Swapping chairs for balls

Exercise balls have moved out of the gyms and into the office.


DiCaprio, celebs raise RM112mil for AIDS research at Cannes auction

At an event held during the Cannes Film Festival, celebrities and jetsetting socialites recently raised a record US$35mil (RM112mil) for the Foundation for AIDS Research.


'I have Tourette's, it doesn't have me': Overcoming mysterious, misunderstood syndrome

Athletes with Tourette Syndrome inspire, as well as compete in their respective sports.


Thyroid and pregnancy

The thyroid gland plays an important part in ovulation and ensuring a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.


'World Cup can kill you': Health experts caution fans to keep calm, eat healthy

As anticipation for the World Cup builds, health experts caution football fans to be careful of the sometimes fatal stresses that can come from watching the matches.