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Grandpa fights drugs through Operation Save Our Kids

Tony Grotrian, 75, lost his grandson to a heroin overdose. Now he is all out to warn people of the dangers of drugs.


DJ Dave reflects on what is to come

Datuk Irwan Shah, better known as DJ Dave, 66, does not drink cold drinks, eats lots of fruits and vegetables and starts his day with 50 push-ups.


'Van Gogh not crazy', it's society that's nuts

A new Van Gogh exhibition in Paris seen through the eyes of French playwright Antonin Artaud proposes a radical rethink of the artist’s mental state.


Better be safe

If your child has meningitis, determining the specific cause of his infection, as well as effective treatment, could be a matter of life and death.


Colour with integrity: Raising the standards in hair dyeing

An ecologically-sound brand looks to nature to come up with better products.


Science for the world

Malaysia’s Science Advisor to the PM shares his thoughts on the first meeting of the UN Scientific Advisory Board.


Regular family routines boost kids' social-emotional health

New research suggests the many benefits children enjoy from regular family routinues, such as family dinners and storytimes.


Omega-3 consumption linked to better sleep

An early study shows that eating food rich in omega-3 helps to improve sleep in children.


Tech and sleep don't mix

Electronic devices are the bane of children.


Bloated like a balloon?

Bloating is a result of excessive wind in the stomach, for which there are many possible causes.