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Middle-aged at risk of death from rows with family, neighbours

Study finds clear link between mortality and disputation.


First e-cigarettes, now an 'e-hookah'

Here’s a device to transform your ordinary hookah into an electronic version.


Boost Your Run: A website for runners

A new website now creates a tracklist based on the route runners take, their taste in music, and how much they want to 'feel the burn'.


Rat poison: It kills more than rodents

Household rat poison linked to death and disease in wildlife.


Vaginal rejuvenation: A 'private' makeover

The emergence of vaginal rejuvenation means that now a woman's privates can also be 'improved'.


Stay fit to live longer

Why pop pills when you can turn to exercise for a natural remedy?


Am I a mummy cat or simply deluded?

A cat lover talks about cross-species affection.


For healthier babies, watch what you eat even before you are pregnant

The food that women consume before conception can alter a baby's genes.


Natural solutions to ease joint pains

Natural solutions to help ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


Mum fail: Six matriarchs show you how to cook up epic disasters

One unwritten rule we all live and abide by is that mother knows best. But for these six mums, perhaps it’s best to file them under 'disasters'.