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One in 68 kids has autism: US study

Data shows 30% rise over the last estimate in 2012.


6 ways you can teach kids about good, clean fun

Enforce healthy habits in your kids but make it enjoyable! And remember, you've got to do the same as you're telling them to do.


Let sleeping tots lie: Shorter bedtime could cause obesity

For toddlers, sleeping less may mean eating more.


How old is your heart? New online tool calculates ticker’s ‘age’

Tell the calculator your lifestyle habits and it tells you whether you’re at risk for heart disease and your life expentancy.


I don't know what a psychometric questionnaire is

The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire that you can fill in to give an indication of your psychological preference and how you perceive the world.


No time for texts? Get this reading superpower app

A new reading app will help you finish 5,000 pages of the Games Of Thrones book series in a matter of days. Knowing what you just read, however, is a different matter.


6 things you never knew you could do to save a river

Here are some easy tips for making your drinking water safe. Stop polluting rivers with your trash is one.


Sleepless in Mamaland

Having a baby means bidding farewell to sweet slumber... even before baby arrives! Here’s how you can get your sleep back.


Let's fight obesity

Celebrating the nation’s biggest nutrition initiative of the year.


Moving is good for work

A recent study by the University of Minnesota has found that walking while working might improve not only an employee’s health, but also boost output.