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Spy agencies say cyberattacks leading threat against US

Cyberattacks and cyberespionage is the top security threat for US.


Yahoo! Malaysia: Gearing up for growth

The company Yahoo! wants to personalising its content offerings to better suit the needs of local users and adopting a “mobile first” strategy.


China says US hacking accusations lack technical proof

The Chinese Defence Ministry, which has already denied the charges, went further in a new statement, slamming Mandiant for relying on spurious data.


Motorola launches Intel-powered smartphone

Google's Motorola Mobility unveils the Razr i.


Mexico’s startups have Facebook-sized ambitions

Hundreds of wannabe Mark Zuckerbergs gather to build Mexico's newest industry.


Google unit says will avoid US import ban on smartphones

Any interruption of US imports and sales of its smartphones has been averted.


Cradle urges private sector to take lead in angel investments

The private sector must take the lead in angel investment in technology companies in order to achieve quality of growth in the industry.


Tough times in US-China iPad smuggling game

b>SAN FRANCISCO/HONG KONG/b>: Early on the morning of March 16, Wong Tat joined a line of about 100 people waiting for the launch of the new iPad in a chilly rain outside an Apple store on the outskirts of San Francisco.


Faster smartphones spark race for ways out of data crunch

LIGHTER, faster and even smarter smartphones will premiere at the world's biggest mobile fair this week, sparking a race for ways to prevent network overload from rendering the phones 'dumb.'


Virus infections stop after suspects named

b>SAN FRANCISCO/b>: One of the most common sources of computer intrusions has stopped infecting new machines after security researchers working with Facebook released the names of five suspected ringleaders.