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Sleep like a baby at any age

Learn the A to Zzz of getting a good night’s slumber.


Why do mums kill their children?

Maternal filicide - mothers killing their own children - is rare, experts say, but each time it occurs, the horrific crime raises the question: How could it happen?


What's food neophobia?

Children may be reluctant to try out new foods (food neophobia), but there are creative ways to help them diversify their food palate.


TV habits during pregnancy affect child obesity

Expectants mums can help prevent childhood obesity early by adopting healthy screen-time habits even before the child is born.


They're all winners

The journey to toughness is one filled with stories of determination and grit to achieve personal goals and ambitions, as well as overcoming health problems and weight issues.


Not worth the pain

A shingles awareness campaign kicks off in Malaysia with the message that prevention of shingles through vaccination could reduce the burden of pain.


NO to hypertension

In conjunction with World Hypertension Day yesterday, we take a look at the role of nitric oxide (NO) in modern hypertension treatment.


Bad weight-loss shortcuts

If there were sure-fire shortcuts to lose weight and keep it off for good, we would all be looking like supermodels by now.


I’m so embarrassed

The female body goes through strange changes during the nine months of pregnancy. Here’s what takes the cake!


Video: India's 'pissing tanker' hoses down public urinators

A YouTube video gone viral shows how a vigilante group is tackling the unsightly and smelly issue of public urination on the streets of Mumbai, India – by literally returning the favour!