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New test for chemicals suspected to damage sperm

A team of scientists say that 1/3 of 96 compounds they tested had an averse effect on sperm.


Want to age gracefully? Start while you're still young

We can age more successfully if we develop a healthy lifestyle when we’re young – one that includes exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and watching our weight.


These glands may swell

The salivary glands produce saliva, which keeps your mouth moist, helps protect your teeth from decay and helps you digest food. Swelling of such glands may mean many things.


Get in shape with Red FM's WTF

Deejay JJ to lead ladies to better understand their lower body area.


Robodoc: Surgeons find four-armed 'robot' better than two steady hands

Robotic surgery has arrived! A four-armed operating robot named da Vinci is cutting into patients in ways that doctors and surgeons never thought they could.


DNA drugs: Beefing up the gene code could save the human race

Life-forms carrying synthesised DNA code could help churn out new drugs that could not be made otherwise.


Wildlife in the cities

When conditions in the countryside get hostile, the urban environment may be the best place for animals to be.


'Star Wars' robotic arm leads the way in prosthetics technology

A robotic arm for amputees named after 'Star Wars' character Luke Skywalker is more lifelike and able to perform complex manoeuvres – a huge advance over the ubiquitous metal hook.


Get up and move: For older people, it'll slow down ageing

Physical activity shown to be even more important later in life.


Middle-aged at risk of death from rows with family, neighbours

Study finds clear link between mortality and disputation.