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Business 08 Jul 2004 | 12:00 AM

Unit trust returns

Unit trust returns from Alliance and Mayban.

Business 30 Apr 2004 | 12:00 AM

World travel forecast to grow

THE World Tourism Travel Council (WTTC) has forecast world travel and tourism demand to grow at an average annual rate of 4.6% between 2003 and 2013, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) senior general manager sales, distributions and marketing, Datuk Rashid Khan said.

Business 17 Mar 2004 | 12:00 AM

Diethelm to make restricted issue of 75mil shares

DIETHELM Holdings (M) Bhd announced yesterday plans to undertake several corporate exercises, including a restricted issue of 75 million new shares of RM1 each and the extension of the tenure of its 82 million redeemable cumulative preference shares (RCPS) of one sen each to June 17, 2009.

Business 08 Mar 2004 | 12:00 AM

Cash management trust gaining investor interest

BESIDES the deluge of conventional equity, fixed income and balanced trust funds in the market, there is another type of fund that is slowly but surely gaining prominence among investors, Commerce Trust Bhd CEO officer Yeoh Keat Seng said in an interview.

Lifestyle 27 Jan 2004 | 12:00 AM

Treasure trove of snails

Limestone outcrops scattered all over Sabah are cradles of snail evolution, writes DR MENNO SCHILTHUIZEN.

AseanPlus News 20 Jan 2004 | 12:00 AM

Food aid to 2.7 million North Koreans cut off

The World Food Programme has been forced to cut off food aid to 2.7 million North Korean women and children during the country's harsh winter due to lack of foreign donations, an agency spokesman said yesterday.

Business 06 Jan 2004 | 12:00 AM

Commerce Trust declares income and unit splits for funds

COMMERCE Trust Bhd, the country's fifth largest private unit trust provider, has declared income distributions for four unit trust funds for the period ended Dec 31, 2003, and unit splits for funds under its Lifetime Trust umbrella.

Business 05 Jan 2004 | 12:00 AM

CMS declares net income and unit splits for three funds

CMS Trust Management Bhd has declared a net income of three sen per unit to unit holders of both CMS Premier Fund (gross 4.95 sen) and CMS Balanced Fund (gross 4.53 sen) and a payout of 3.5 sen net per unit to the holders of CMS Islamic Fund (gross 4.12 sen) for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2003.

Business 25 Nov 2003 | 12:00 AM

YTL Corp, YTL Cement amend warrant dates

YTL Corp Bhd and YTL Cement Bhd have amended the effective date of a previous amendment to the terms of their respective 1997/2007 warrants and 1994/2004 warrants to Dec 19, the companies said in separate statements last week.

Business 16 Nov 2003 | 12:00 AM

Peddling pizza on wheels

People living around Bangsar and Damansara Heights will, by now, have become familiar with a pizza truck parked at a spot along Jalan Penaga. It belongs to a pizza business called Jalan-Jalan Pizza, and Francois, 28, is one of its co-founders.