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Swift business

A small Kenyan town is fast emerging as the go-to training destination for the world’s elite runners.


A toast to life

Every birthday is a milestone in the midst of life’s uncertainties.


Take a breather

Stress has many side effects and many forms, but other than the adrenaline to lift small cars off baby carriages, the consequences are generally not good. On the other hand, meditation also has many side effects, namely reducing stress.


Oil palm leftovers as food for livestock

Oil palm kernel meal feeds the world’s livestock.


HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is a hit!

The American College of Sports Medicine has named high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as the top fitness global trend for 2014.


Surviving a year adrift at sea

The co-author of 'Essentials Of Sea Survival' says the story of fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga is physiologically feasible.


Make it a family day for love

Make Valentine’s Day a family affair.


Eminent palm oil researcher pushing frontiers at 80

The country’s palm oil research pioneer isn’t about to hang up his boots anytime soon.


Valentine's Day + Chap Goh Meh = lots of love

Once every 19 years, Valentine’s Day and Chinese Valentine’s Day fall on the same day.


The last mile for Ma is the hardest

It’s painful to watch Alzheimer’s suck the life out of its victims as it takes them down a long, dark road of no return.