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Herbal products contain too many unlisted ingredients

A new Canadian study claims that the majority of natural health products contain unlabeled ingredients, such as fillers or herbs.

Wincci Soo the dancing queen

Former Miss World Malaysia Wincci Soo credits pole, aerial and hip-hop dancing for both her fit figure and boosting her career.

Naomi Campbell to launch gyms?

A report has emerged that the British supermodel is set to launch her own chain of fitness centres.

Savour the best of Venezuela

If food serves as a sneak peek of a country’s culture and cuisine, then the Venezuelan Gastronomic Festival offers a tantalising insight into what the Latin American country has to offer.

Marcella Hazan, most influential Italian cook

Cookbook author and teacher Marcella Hazan dies at 89.

Japanese joggers warned to be polite

Japanese joggers are being warned to mind their manners when they run around the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo.

Strong people may have genetic advantage

Study suggests elite ‘power’ athletes carry more power-boosting genes.

Playboy bunnies show us their fitness routine

Playboy workout helps you get the body of Hugh Hefner’s latest wife.

Don't take D for granted

Contrary to common wisdom, vitamin D isn’t just important for strong bones, but also a host of other body systems, including the immune system.

Copper and magnetic bracelets don’t help with rheumatoid arthritis

The study showed that such devices had no therapeutic effects.