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Resurgent BT comes back to haunt old rival Vodafone

BT's move to buy mobile operator EE is expected to put the former state-owned telecoms giant back in pole position as fixed line and mobile services converge, forcing rivals such as Vodafone to make costly moves of their own to keep up.


Videogames flow with the pints at London's e-sport pub

It's Saturday night at a busy pub in north London, and the crowd is packed around the bar cheering and shouting at a large screen.


Smartphones, Twitter help gauge crowd size

Data from smartphones and Twitter can accurately show the size of a crowd, helping first responders in an emergency, a study said.


Facebook gaining ground on YouTube in video ads

Facebook is gaining ground on Google's YouTube as an outlet for big companies to market their products via online videos, the fastest growing category of Internet ads, a report published said.


Touching virtual reality film on Syrian humanitarian crisis

A virtual reality film which guides the viewer through the daily life of a young girl in a Syrian refugee camp aims to engage the public with the plight of some of the world's most vulnerable people, according to its co-creator.


Local TV takes news to Web in fight for cord cutters

Local TV stations are plugging one of the last major holes in mobile video: streaming their news to phones and tablets.


Wimbledon bans selfie-sticks

Selfie-sticks have been banned from this year's Wimbledon tennis championship, organisers have announced.


Cinema becomes war zone for Call of Duty eSports fans

On a bright Sunday afternoon in central London, in a low-lit converted wing of a shopping-mall cinema, hundreds of fans cheer as two teams of 20-somethings riddle each other with bullets during a big-screen game for a US$25,000 (RM90,690) reward.


E-bikes encourage more cycling

Hardly a magic carpet for the lazy, electric bicycles are spurring longer and more frequent cycling sessions, according to a recent Norwegian study.


Fans cheer for 'Call of Duty' in Paris videogame world cup

Players greeted like rock stars, cheering fans and a spectacular set; the Zenith concert hall in Paris was transformed into a giant play room this weekend for a global tournament devoted to the blockbuster Call of Duty videogame.