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TECH 14 Jul 2019 | 11:00 PM

The Week That Was: Better broadband for Malaysians

Internet access continues to be a big focus with YTL Communications announcing that it has completed its Terragraph Market trial in George Town, Penang.

TECH 15 Jul 2019 | 6:00 AM

Amazon ‘Prime Day’ becomes phenomenon as rivals jump in

It started as a simple sales promotion, but Amazon’s Prime Day has now morphed into a major phenomenon joined by scores of retailers jockeying with the US colossus for a bigger slice of the e-commerce pie.

Business 15 Jul 2019 | 11:57 PM

US consumers to spend US$26b on music, video subscriptions this year

LOS ANGELES: US consumers are expected to spend a combined $26 billion on music and video subscription services this year, according to new estimates from the Consumer Technology Association.

Nation 16 Jul 2019 | 12:00 AM

A bolder Yuna goes ‘Rouge’

PETALING JAYA: Girl power to Yuna! She is off to a good start with the release of her latest album, Rouge.

TECH 16 Jul 2019 | 5:30 AM

Amazon taps Kobe Bryant and other celebs to generate Prime Day buzz

Will Smith is selling water. Kobe Bryant is pushing deodorant. Mark Wahlberg is peddling protein powder. YouTube star JoJo Siwa, known for wearing big, colourful hairbows, is hawking, well, big colourful hairbows.

Nation 17 Jul 2019 | 12:00 AM

St Anne’s Feast gets a green touch this year

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Organisers of the annual St Anne’s Feast has themed the seventh day of the 10-day celebration as “Mission to Save Mother Earth”.

TECH 17 Jul 2019 | 1:00 AM

Disneyland makes surveillance palatable – and profitable

We’re in the heat of the summer blockbuster season, when Walt Disney Co is taking over theatres with releases like Toy Story 4 and live-action versions of Aladdin and The Lion King. There’s another aspect of the season Disney is effectively capturing: summer vacations – and reams of data on the things you do inside its amusement parks.

TECH 17 Jul 2019 | 5:43 AM

Searches for ‘Cancelling Amazon Prime’ spike on Prime Day

Internet searches for “Cancelling Amazon Prime” were 18 times higher on July 15 – the beginning of Inc’s two-day sale – than the previous day, according to search intelligence firm Captify. The data suggest shoppers want to snatch up discounted gadgets and appliances without making a long-term commitment to the world’s biggest online retailer.

TV 17 Jul 2019 | 6:48 AM

'Game Of Thrones' rules with record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations

HBO’s Game Of Thrones slashed its way to a record-setting 32 Emmy nominations Tuesday for its eighth and final season, leading HBO back to dominance over Netflix.

TECH 17 Jul 2019 | 7:08 AM

The Redmi 7A has two-day battery life; starts from RM399

Xiaomi's latest mid-range Redmi 7A smartphone claims it can last for two days on a single charge, thanks to an efficient processor and 4,000mAh battery.