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Canberra’s delicious appeal

Australia’s capital is an underrated treasure trove for foodies, from its fine dining to the region’s largest farmers’ market.

Local documentary highlights lives of night soil workers in Penang

A documentary focusing on the night soil workers' efforts and contributions to Penang's public sanitation system.

Milan bans selfie sticks and food trucks

Milan is the latest Italian city to take measures banning selfie sticks, food trucks and glass bottles from public areas.

Anthony Bourdain wants to save street food

The godfather of grubby grub tells why street food is so vital, and how the Bourdain Market in New York will make America a better place.

Grooming underground talent

The KVMRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line is slated to open at the end of July and behind its success is a team of young local engineers.

This is how traffic lights can reduce pollution

Intelligent traffic lights are a key opportunity to decrease air pollution, but keeping both drivers and pedestrians happy can be a difficult balancing act.

Workers are going deaf and some are dying, working in this city's factories

There's a city in India called Surat where workers are going deaf because the factories they work in are so loud. Also people are dying from diseases because the working conditions are so bad. Can anything be done for them?

Is it safe to cycle on Malaysian roads?

How safe are our Malaysian roads for cyclists? talks to the avid cyclists in our midst.

World Wildlife Day: You can be a champion of wildlife

In this exclusive for World Wildlife Day (March 3), Dr Melvin T. Gumal of the Wildlife Conservation Society reminds us that animals need heroes.