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Helping students deal with stress

The Befrienders KL conducted a seminar recently on I>Helping Students Cope With Stress /I>for 50 students from 10 secondary schools and colleges in the Klang Valley.


Stress and social media: It’s complicated

Using digital technologies does not directly cause stress, but social media can increase awareness of problems facing friends and family, and this stress is “contagious,” researchers said.

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Sheltering children from toxic stress

CHILDREN from dysfunctional families are often victims of toxic stress that eventually affects their social life in adulthood.


Shifting stress

CONTINUING our theme of word stress from last week's column, we will look at some of the rules that govern stress.


What you must know about stress and your brain

YOU can feel your body responding to stress: Your pulse races, your blood pressure rises, and you feel a massive release of energy.


Stress worsens ovarian cancer, U.S. study finds

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Stress causes ovarian cancer tumors to grow and spread more quickly in mice, U.S. researchers reported on Monday in a study that provides one of the first biological links between stress and cancer.


Turn away that visitor called stress

By Jojo Struys - Different Spin IF YOUR body was like an alarm system, it would be flashing red and pushing the panic button if it saw “chronic stress” show up on its doorstep.


New Year resolution: Don’t give in to stress-eating

When faced with emotional stress, we may turn to food for comfort. However, a study finds that giving into stress cravings doesn’t really give you the satisfaction you want.


Unwind with The Work Stress Show

Hosts Gary and Philip talk to a highly-stressed ZACK YUSOF on how he can learn to relax by tuning in to their show, I>The Work Stress Show./I>


Beating stress the ayurvedic way

Last week we had a discussion on how yoga can combat the ravages of stress. Today, let us see what the science of ayurveda has to offer.