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Gajaa at 8 serves up delicious Kerala food

Gajaa at 8 is a family-run eatery that serves authentic Kerala food like meen pollichatu, mushroom varutharacha and chetta chicken curry.

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What the French can teach us about dealing with food waste

Malaysia went on a fact-finding trip to France to discover how they carved out the world’s first food waste law.

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Authentic Sarawakian food made by Sarawakians at Long Napir Kitchen

Long Napir Kitchen highlights some of Sarawak’s best gastronomic fare, like ikan terubuk masin, umai, mee belacan, Sarawak laksa, linut and luba laya.

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This sauce has been a hot favourite for 150 years

Tabasco Sauce has been firing up our taste buds for more a century and a half.

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Popular Melaka Nyonya restaurant Aunty Lee spreads its wings to KL

Famed for Nyonya fare like ayam buah keluak, pie tee, cendol, sambal petai squid, cincalok and bendi ulam, Restaurant Aunty Lee has now expanded to Kuala Lumpur. 7.5/10 A wide variety of authentic Nyonya food The good: The food is made from scratch and it shows in every mouthful The bad: The restaurant is a little difficult to find if you don’t park in the right block

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6 KL-based foreign chefs' favourite Christmas meals

Although turkey is most commonly associated with Christmas, people around the world eat all kinds of festive food, from hallacas in Venezuela to ravioli di castagne in Italy and chicken isthu in India.

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Delectable Italian food at Enoteca

Enoteca’s new executive chef Tomasso Gocze introduces a whole range of delectable Italian options like risoni, cold cuts, ravioli, cannelloni and Iberico pork neck. 8.5/10 A delicious array of Italian fare, buoyed by stand-out pasta dishes The good: The food is awe-mazing The bad: Prices are quite high

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Curious Cook: Influencing customers and funny science

The columnist’s observations on how businesses get us to spend money and the findings of some food-related studies.

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Sushi and sashimi reign supreme at Tsukiji No 8

Tsukiji No 8 sources fresh seafood from Japan’s famed Tsukiji market (now called Toyusu), like bluefin tuna, white tuna, octopus, salmon, sayori and shirako.

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Food authority picks Asian fine dining as next big thing

La Liste says 2019 will see French gastronomy enjoying a revival in the US and Asian cuisine is being elevated to fine dining.