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Poachers caught, but there are more out there

Seven “highly wanted” poachers were caught, along with a motherlode of weapons, as they emerged from the jungle in Kelantan.

Cook with stone fruits

Peaches, apricots, cherries... eating well is all about eating in season.

The war to save African wildlife heats up

To combat armed poachers, some African nations are resorting to drones, helicopters, night-goggles and AK-47s.

Let’s hope for a greener year ahead

Better legislation, improved water resource management, and increased engagement with stakeholders ahead.

The future of the Earth is in your hands

The Living Planet Report 2016 serves as a clarion call to act now to save the Earth and its habitats.

On the trail of Malaysia’s fast disappearing tigers

We join a WWF team to see the research being done in deep jungle to prevent a national symbol from becoming extinct.

Myanmar’s precious peacocks are fast disappearing

These birds are a proud symbol of Myanmar’s culture but they are dying off in the wild.

Care to paint a bright future for sun bears?

Pet artist Suzi Chua has roped in a teacher and students of an international school to help paint sun bears for a cause.

Did you know that there are 4 giraffe species?

Tall tale: study reveals that giraffes are four species, not one

Elephants are gardeners of the Malaysian rainforest

Malaysia is one of the last strongholds for South-East Asian elephants.