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Construction concerns

SINCE ancient times, sages have stressed that people should live in tune with the universal energies and be in balance with the five elements so that the forces work for them rather than against.


Cauliflower, anyone?

Cook it right, and cauliflower may become a favourite veggie, write SHELDON MARGEN and DALE A. OGAR.


The push to replace ephedra

When the wildly popular drug combo phen-fen was pulled from the market in 1997, people were forced to look elsewhere for weight-loss help. Many turned to a then-mysterious Chinese herb known as ma huang.


Don't waste old batteries

There may be as many as five million registered mobile phone subscribers in the country, and the number is escalating, given the incredible convenience offered by this nifty gadget. Every year, 2.5 million cell phone batteries are discarded, and most of them eventually end up as hazardous wastes which pollute the water we drink. But all this can be avoided if only users would send their used batteries for recycling.


Parasite found to possess plant-like genes

A deadly family of parasites that poses a serious health threat to a half-billion people around the world is closely related to the plant kingdom, scientists have found, suggesting that researchers might have a good shot at killing the bugs by making experimental medicines that resemble herbicides.


Mixed ginseng studies

In Chinese medicine, ginseng is used as a general tonic to enhance overall health, particularly among the elderly. The most popular among several types is the Panax ginseng species, also called Chinese, Korean or Japanese ginseng. The active ingredients, called saponins, are found in the roots of the plant.


Locking free radicals

This is not the first time that you are reading about free radicals and it certainly will not be the last. Let us first define the term.


Good carbs, bad carbs

No matter what combination of protein,,fat,and carbohydrateyou eat,if you take in more calories than you burn,you #8217;ll get fat


Shut out UV rays

MILD Sun Protector UV from Fasio is an all-over sunscreen lotion that shuts out UV rays with its SPF 27 PA++ factor.


Tasty orchid in a bind

Its flavoursome root may yet spell doom for a species of Tanzanian orchid as villagers dig up the plant to feed a burgeoning trade, writes GEORGE MWANGI.