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In New York? Check out this grand exhibition

Luxury watchmaker holds a grand exhibition in New York, which concludes July 23

The legendary Route 66 is back to life with a bang

The legendary Route 66 immortalised in books, movies and music is experiencing a revival after being mainly forgotten since the 1980s.

Is K-pop still attracting visitors to Seoul?

Seoul Vice Mayor Liu Gyoung-gee talks about the popularity of K-culture in fuelling tourism to Seoul, and the city’s other initiatives to attract visitors.

Take the new Lunchbox ferry for stunning views of Manhattan

A new ferry service in New York is offering a quicker and cheaper commute into Manhattan for people travelling from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

This neighbourhood is getting to be quite the hip place

Singapore City’s Jalan Besar area gets a new lease of life as creative businesses such as design studios and marketing agencies set up shop there.

Malaysia: An Islamic, secular country

Nations change over time – and so, perhaps, should laws. But it’s crucial that we don’t manipulate the intent behind the words of the Federal Constitution to fit present-day needs, for it would demean that crucial document.

Wall Street's 'Fearless Girl' statue to stay until 2018

Thousands are demanding “Fearless Girl”, a sculpture of a young girl installed temporarily in New York to champion gender diversity, to remain permanently.

Pretend you're in 'Baywatch', stay at this lifeguard tower

A lifeguard tower in Tel Aviv has temporarily been transformed into a two-storey suite, with hot tub, room service and very unobstructed ocean views.

This place has the best fries in Brussels, but it has to go

One of the most famous chip shops in Brussels, which counts German Chancellor Angela Merkel among its customers, is to be torn down and rebuilt.

Time-lapse shows snowstorm hitting NYC

Time-lapse video captures a snowstorm hitting New York City's Times Square and crews working to keep streets clear.