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Bangladesh fury as teen’s fatal beating is posted online

Bangladesh police were hunting a group of attackers who lashed a 13-year-old boy to a stake and then beat him to death, filming the onslaught on a smartphone.


Waiter, there’s a chip in my soup!

We generally don’t associate technology with food. They seem inherently incompatible. Technology is cold, metallic and digital. And food is – well, food! It is comforting, organic, nourishing and something to be looked forward to.


Local TV takes news to Web in fight for cord cutters

Local TV stations are plugging one of the last major holes in mobile video: streaming their news to phones and tablets.


Seriously ill patients can get spiritual counselling via Skype

Newly diagnosed and seriously ill patients who need spiritual support, but can’t travel for it, can now get free counselling via Skype or by phone.


Lonely Planet curates weekend wine getaways around the world

Travel guide Lonely Planet has released a new guidebook for wine lovers that curates the best wineries and gastronomic experiences in established regions like Napa and Tuscany, as well as lesser-known areas like Georgia, Lebanon, Morocco and Slovenia.


Dozens of major websites crash all at once

Dozens of major websites including Netflix, Uber and the BBC went down simultaneously on Oct 15 in some areas of the United States, but were soon up again in most cases.


Potato to Web: Internet outsourcing in Pakistan’s mountainous north

When a landslide created a huge, turquoise lake that cut them off the world, the farmers of Gulmit were left destitute and unable to sell their potatoes. Their solution: to drag their Himalayan valley in Pakistan’s far north into the Internet age.


S. Korea ‘webtoon’ craze making global waves

Seoul office worker Park Sun-Min constantly checks his smartphone – trawling for updates on an insect apocalypse, ghost soldiers haunting the inter-Korean border, and a supermarket worker’s struggle to form a trade union.


Anonymous hackers target Iceland sites in whaling protest

Activist hackers from the Anonymous collective have claimed responsibility for bringing down five government websites in Iceland in a protest against whale-hunting by the North Atlantic nation.


Google opens online window on toll of climate change

As world leaders gathered in Paris on Monday in the hope to stopping catastrophic climate change, Google Maps provided online views of remote locations where wildlife is struggling for survival.