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Top gadgets at Mobile World Congress 2019

From a tiny robot which strikes a pose when you point a camera at it to earbuds that translate languages, here are five eye-catching devices on display at the Mobile World Congress trade fair which opened Monday in Barcelona.


Videogame streamers find another way of connecting to audiences: Giving out personal advice

The Madden tournament shooting was a traumatic event for videogamers, casting the spectre of violent death over a formerly innocent setting.


Five tips to help tweens and teens clean up their social media feeds

You know that girl from TV – the one whose Instagram always looks perfect even with #nofilter? Or what about that amazing singer on whom you can't believe is only 14?

TECH envisions AI-based future expects consumers anywhere in the world to be able to order goods in the future via voice command on smart connected devices.


There’s an app to tell you what to eat based on how you feel

App uses users’ playback history on Spotify to make suggestions on what and where to eat


Virtual Reality will make lives better...mostly

There is plenty of talk about how social media, artificial intelligence and robots will change our world. Virtual reality has received less attention.


Follow these tips to never lose an online debate again

Whether on blogs, social networks or news websites, the Internet is a giant platform of discussion and debate.


‘Irresistible’ technology is making our kids miss social cues

You probably don't need Adam Alter to tell you that your kids are addicted to tech, or that the average American's attention span is now officially shorter than a goldfish's, or that Facebook is carefully designed to keep you scrolling endlessly.


Silicon Valley's Yahoo diaspora mourns company's decline

Former Yahoo exec Dan Rosensweig has not worked at the pioneering Internet company in nearly a decade. Now CEO of Chegg Inc, he is one of scores of execs around Silicon Valley who still "bleed purple," as many Yahoo alums put it, despite the company's more recent instability and decline.