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Arizona governor suspends Uber’s ability to test self-driving cars

The governor of Arizona on March 26 suspended Uber's ability to test self-driving cars on public roads in the state following a fatal crash last week that killed a 49-year-old pedestrian.

‘Fast and Furious’ driverless cars aren’t as crazy as they sound

Self-driving cars will rarely have to deal with a pack of drivers who think they are in a Fast and Furious movie, but training them to do so might just be what it takes to reach true autonomy.

Self-driving cars with no in-vehicle backup driver get OK for California public roads

Self-driving cars with no human backup behind the wheel will be legal on California roads for testing and transporting the public starting April 2.

Nobody wants to let Google win the war for maps all over again

On any given day, there could be a half dozen autonomous cars mapping the same street corner in Silicon Valley.

Concerned about self-driving cars? You’re not alone

Using the adaptive cruise control on his Toyota Avalon left Rich Heidebrink feeling uneasy.

Data doom: Five steps from Davos to digital dystopia

Intelligent robots and all-knowing online networks threaten to drag humanity into a “totalitarian” nightmare of mind control, mass unemployment and children hooked on smartphones, experts warned at this week’s Davos summit.

Robot taxis to become a reality by 2024, Renault chief predicts

Robotic taxis are to become a common feature of everyday life by the year 2024 – at least, if you are to believe Renault's chief executive.

Car hacking remains a very real threat as autos become ever more loaded with tech

Automakers and suppliers are making progress in protecting vehicles from cyberattacks, but the car-hacking threat is still real and could get increasingly serious in the future when driverless vehicles begin talking to each other.

Auto companies race to get drivers out of self-driving cars

Auto and tech companies are racing to get human drivers completely out of their autonomous cars, perhaps as soon as this year.

Industry players say self-driving cars are years away

LAS VEGAS: Carmakers and tech companies have fallen over one another in recent weeks to show the strides they’ve made with self-driving cars.