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Amazon to boost quality control after selling toxic kid products Inc has agreed to tighten quality control standards on its marketplace following an investigation that determined dozens of children’s school supplies sold on the site had illegal levels of toxic metals, lead and cadmium.

Chinese ‘hacker’ who obtained details of 78 million people is charged in US with ‘one of the worst data breaches in history’

Wang Fujie has been charged along with another unnamed individual with hacking the computer systems of four companies including US-based health insurer Anthem. The data stolen included the personally identifiable information of 78 million people.

Facebook’s email-harvesting practice is under investigation in New York

New York’s attorney general is opening an investigation into Facebook Inc’s unauthorised collection of 1.5 million users’ email contacts without their permission.

Your car is watching you: Who owns the data?

If you're driving a late model car or truck, chances are that the vehicle is mostly computers on wheels, collecting and wirelessly transmitting vast quantities of data to the car manufacturer – not just on vehicle performance but personal information, too, such as your weight, the restaurants you visit, your music tastes and places you go.

Revenge porn case: He allegedly sent US teen a video of her assault

Maurice Washington III, 19, was charged in December in Santa Clara County Superior Court with one felony count of child pornography and a misdemeanour count of distributing a private sexual video to cause emotional distress, a violation of what is commonly known as California's "revenge porn" law.

US scammers may be using DNA testing to defraud Medicare and steal identities

Authorities in several US states are warning about an alleged scam in which people visit senior-living communities and low-income neighbourhoods, offering to perform DNA tests and collecting information from people in government health programmes.

Australia could jail social media execs for showing violence

Australia’s Parliament has passed legislation that could imprison social media executives if their platforms stream real violence such as the New Zealand mosque shootings.

Tech firms face fines, jail over violent content under new Australian laws

Australia will fine social media and web hosting companies up to 10% of their annual global turnover and imprison executives for up to three years if violent content is not removed "expeditiously" under a new law.

When it comes to disclosing sponsors, your Google Assistant may be mute

On stage at an investor conference last month, Google's chief business officer Philipp Schindler identified a vexing challenge for the company's most prized app: its virtual assistant.

Australia to crack down on livestreaming of violent crimes

Australia will legislate “tough” new laws to prevent social media platforms from being “weaponised” by terrorists and extremists who may use them to livestream violent crimes, such as the Christchurch terror attack.