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Off The Beat: Visiting the interesting Teresang Market in Kapit, Sarawak

Kapit, a district of 15,595sq km in size, is the riverine town synonymous with Iban cultures and traditions, being Sarawak’s largest ethnic group, which makes up more than three-quarters of the state’s population.

The passing of a great singer

Datuk Dahlan Zainuddin’s demise is also the passing of an era where many non-Malay singers could deliver hit songs in Bahasa Malaysia.

Pride and prejudice

An Asian nation’s ascent to the top of the economic hill is causing a global superpower to quake in its boots.

Economic value of language

Comment by Wong Chun Wai NO one thought that China would one day become a super power.

S.M. Idris, the man who stood up for all of us

HE was simply S.M. Mohamed Idris to everyone. He didn’t need to be addressed as Tuan Idris. He didn’t even believe in being titled; he was happy being referred to as just S.M. Idris. In fact, to many, he was Uncle Idris.

Perilous pile of plastic

It’s an environmental timebomb waiting to go off, yet, we continue to embrace it for the sake of the economy.

Off The Beat: Call of the wild in Uganda

In the harsh and sometimes gruesome continent that is the birthplace of Man, sublime beauty meets raw power in a perfect paradox.

The man who needed no phone

GEORGE TOWN: In his fight for a better world, social activist S.M. Mohamed Idris (pic) got his message across loud and clear – even without a mobile phone.

Legendary consumer rights pioneer S.M. Mohamed Idris of CAP dies

GEORGE TOWN: Malaysia's iconic consumer advocate S.M. Mohamed Idris has died of heart failure. He was 93.

Paving the way ahead

TUN Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said many times, and in different ways, too, so the message is clear and consistent – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be his successor and there should be no doubt of this.