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Hospital adopts play therapy to overcome fear

BEIJING: A Shanghai hospital has become the first on the Chinese mainland to introduce play therapy, which is designed to help children overcome the fear of medical treatment and better cooperate with doctors.

Eat fish for smarter kids

A new University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing study found that children who ate fish regularly scored nearly five points higher on a standard IQ test that measures cognitive function in children.

Give me the honey!

PETALING JAYA: Honey can actually confer many health benefits.

French investigators ask if murder suspect is Alps serial killer

PARIS (Reuters) - French investigators have linked a man suspected of murdering a nine-year-old girl in Savoie with the unsolved killing of a soldier and are asking if he was behind other mystery deaths in the Alpine region, a prosecutor said.

Artificial muscles give ‘superpower’ to robots

INSPIRED by the folding technique of origami, US researchers said they have crafted cheap, artificial muscles for robots that give them the power to lift up to 1,000 times their own weight.

Expert: Jong-nam had low enzyme count

SHAH ALAM: North Korean Kim Chol had difficulty breathing due to low cholinesterase enzyme in his body and this led to his death, the High Court heard.

Surgeons transplant a human head

BEIJING: A human head transplant carried out on a corpse by doctors in China has caused controversy among medical experts.

Can I contract STI from a toilet seat?

This is a question that has been asked over and over, but is there really a risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection from the loo?

Dark side of Chinese medicine injections

China is pushing for an overhaul of injectables based on traditional medicine, seeking to weed out unsafe products.

Will Chinese star pianist Lang Lang call it quits because of arm injury?

Flamboyant musician facing slower than expected recovery from tendinitis in left arm