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Criticism is part of democracy

ARE you easily annoyed? What does it take to get you annoyed?

Do we need new law for ‘fake news’?

THERE is going to be a law against fake news, it seems. How reassuring.

A fair and just outcome

THE saga of Indira Gandi Mutho is finally over. After nearly a decade of legal battles, the Federal Court has made a final decision on the case.

Kollywood star in a brave new world

Rajinikanth is gung-ho about stepping into politics but being a big screen hero is no guarantee to a successful political career.

Racism has to be opposed from the top down.

DEMOCRACY takes power away from the few, or the one, and places it in the hands of the many. Which is why we hear phrases like “people power” and “returning power to the people” bandied around when speaking about democratic reform.

Doing it their own way

A group of Singapore’s future leaders made clear that they would decide when and who among them will be the leader.

The distractions in Aldous Huxley’s 1932 book, ‘Brave New World’, seem awfully familiar

Aldous Huxley’s dystopian vision of a future filled with passive pleasures resonates more today then ever, says Booked Out columnist Sharmilla Ganesan.

An Italian plumber and the future of a Japanese icon

An Italian plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom could be the key to Nintendo Co continuing its three-year rebound.

A not-so-simple decision

ALL right, this is going to be a short one. It is my Christmas gift to my editors who are all champing at the bit to begin their Christmas celebrations, so much so that the last thing they want right now is to be bogged down by a lengthy piece by me, riddled with grammatical mistakes and conniption-inducing passages for the in-house lawyers.

India faces painful move to cleaner energy

Money will be key issue to be discussed at One Planet Summit in Paris