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High quality education in medicine and dentistry

A beautiful country, Ireland has been a principal education provider to the western world since the Middle Ages, and has much to offer besides top rate medical and dental schools.

AseanPlus News

More men under 45 hit by heart attack

A GROWING number of people under 45 years old are suffering heart attacks and most of them are men, researchers from the National University Hospital (NUH) have found.


TV series on tragic stories

Housewife Selamah Uda lost three children to neuro-degenerative disorder and her youngest child is also suffering from the same disease.


Soldiers: They did not listen

When 30 knife-wielding youths on motorbikes and a car swarmed a military post in Grongpenang, Yala, at 5.30am on Wednesday, the soldiers did not have the heart to shoot them at first.


A passion for teaching

In recent years, more graduates seem keen to make teaching their career choice. JOANNE LIM talks to trainees at the International Languages Teacher Training Institute to find out why.


Young life partner may cause stress

IF YOU are above 50 years old and choose a life partner in her 20s or 30s, you run a higher risk of suffering from emotional stress because you may have problems fulfilling your younger partner's sexual desires, according to a sexual health and reproductive researcher quoted in I>Berita Minggu./I>


Khalil a tough act to follow

News Analysis by JOCELINE TAN


Trainees gain pride and dignity

They arrived at a special camp in Jalan Kebun here with their emotions running high, puzzled and frustrated as to why they were singled out as troublemakers.


Malaysians facing higher health risks

More people are smoking, leading sedentary lives and switching to a higher fat diet, exposing themselves to higher health risks.


Green for good health

WE might think that Malaysian youths do not worry about their health as teenage years and early adulthood are generally seen as a happy-go-lucky period in one#039;s life but students from Prime College in Subang Jaya are setting out to prove otherwise.