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Need for teachers to deal with emotions

TIME and again, there are damaging utterances made by educators which sometimes causes a public uproar as stated in a letter by Thomas Foo.

Realities of pursuing medicine

A medical practitioner talks about why students need to think it over before pursuing medicine, and laments over the inadequate training for new doctors and other practices affecting the profession.

Continuity in education system

THE merger of the education and higher education ministries will spur the transformation of education in the country to be on par with international standards by 2020.

Strokes of a different kind

Japanese children hone their calligrapy skills with the help of a robot.

Blinkers to stop cheating

Let's move ahead globally

While the position and importance of the country’s national language should never be questioned, the writer believes that subjects in the sciences should be taught in English.

Kids can become 'rebels' with no social media

PARENTS who prevent their children from using the social media can to a large extent provoke them to rebel.

Merdeka video contest for Indian students

THE 1Malaysia Indian Student Movement (1MISM) has organised a “Merdeka Video” contest for Indian students in conjunction with Malaysia’s 56th independence day.

Lessons reinforced

It may sound like Greek to some but ethos, logos, pathos, are all ingredients of persuasion and in the teaching context, it is the art of conveying a point effectively.

Untangling a wired addiction

South Korea is conducting special classes to help its young people break away from their over-reliance of smartphones and all things digital.