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Robbers hijack lorry with RM2mil goods

Two axe-wielding men hijacked a lorry carrying more than RM2mil worth of electronics and computer components at the Bayan Lepas Expressway early Friday.


Braving a treacherous trek

Still strong and healthy, 64-year-old A.S. TOH joins a three-man team for a #8216;recce#8217; of the highest mountain in the Andes and South America before his band of enthusiastic trekkers set off for another conquest.


Goldsmith shop robbed

Four men armed with a pistol each, axes and hammers injured a 28-year-old man while robbing a goldsmith outlet of some RM400,000 worth of jewellery here.


Curse of the gaharu

The Asmat people of Papua New Guinea believe in the magical powers of the gaharu tree. They burn its resin to connect with their ancestors and to cast spells. Outsiders, meanwhile, value gaharu as the source of a costly incense. But now, commercial interesrs want to log and mine the very forests which these trees grow in.

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Mob attacks homes with petrol bombs

Masked attackers have thrown petrol bombs at homes in a district of Indonesia's Bali island where two people died during a weekend clash between rival political party supporters, police said yesterday.

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Newcastle fans may be banned from future games in Europe

Nearly 90 English fans arrested before Newcastle United's UEFA Cup match against NAC Breda on Wednesday could be banned from attending future games, police said on Thursday.

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Killer of Aussies sentenced to death

An Indian court yesterday sentenced a right-wing Hindu activist to death for the murder of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two young sons in 1999 in the eastern state of Orissa.


Vega's lure

IN SEPTEMBER, the so-called #8220;Summer Triangle#8221; is high to the north in the evening sky. The three bright stars that mark its apices are Deneb, in the constellation Cygnus (the Swan) to the north-east, Vega in the constellation Lyra (the Harp) to the north-west and Altair, in the constellation Aquila (the Eagle) to the south.


Caught between landless and lawless

By M. Veera Pandiyan

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Thirteen convicted of missionary’s murder

A court in eastern India yesterday convicted 13 people, including a right-wing Hindu activist, for the 1999 murder of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons, aged eight and 10.