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Fighting for their land

Encroaching development is eating into the natural larder of the orang asli of Peninsular Malaysia. Now the Semai of Perak face their biggest challenge - fighting for ownership of the land on which they have lived for generations.

N-Day celebrated with cultural variety

This year's National Day celebrations took on different forms for Sabahans with some setting records while thousands of others participated in a state-level parade with an ethnic twist.

Thousands march in parades to celebrate 48 years of independence

State-level parades and festivities were held throughout the country to mark the nation's 48th National Day.

Season of the Rising Sun

The people of Sarawak, native and immigrant alike, fared relatively well under the Japanese yoke, writes OOI KEAT GIN. While there was hardship and deprivation, it was mild compared to the suffering endured by others in the region.

Heirloom beads of Borneo

Author Heidi Munan will give a slide-presentation on antique beads in collaboration with the South-East Asian Ceramic Society, Malaysia (SEACS).

30-year love affair with native beads

Her roots are in Switzerland but her first love now is the prized heirloom beads of the indigenous communities of Borneo.

Men dumping families after job contract ends

They came to work in Sabah's interior Keningau district, married the local girls and had children. But once their contract ended, they packed their bags and went home, leaving behind their wives and kids.

Musa: It’s okay to differ in opinion

It is all right for Sabah's Kadazandusun leaders to have slight differences of opinions in politics, said Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman.

Piecing the puzzle

A landmark, global effort to further mankind's understanding of the migratory history of our species has just been launchedby National Geographic and IBM. ANN MARIE CHANDY bravely tries to make sense ofchromosomes and cheek swab tests, with the help of leading population geneticistDr Spencer Wells.

Ten days of Sabah Fest cultural delight kicks off

The 10-day Sabah Fest cultural extravaganza has begun.