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U.N.'s Ban says global warming is 'an emergency'

EDUARDO FREI BASE, Antarctica (Reuters) - With prehistoric Antarctic ice sheets melting beneath his feet, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for urgent political action to tackle global warming.


Mystical berries

Berries are the superstars of antioxidant-rich fruits.


US stocks modestly lower

Wall Street recovered from steep losses Wednesday amid hopes for an imminent interest rate cut, but stocks still closed down in response to Merrill Lynch Co.'s credit-related losses and a sharp drop in existing home sales.


Early raves and fast sales greet final book in 'Harry Potter' phenomenon

It was a day for the sleepless and the sleepy to enjoy and to recall one last, fresh taste of Potter.


Well-travelled Thai enjoys his work

Although he is required to travel overseas often for work, Supermax Corp Bhd executive chairman-cum-group managing director Datuk Seri Stanley Thai finds he has 'the best job in the world.'


The power of exotic fruits

Of South American fruits that are good for health, and our own local king of fruits, too.


Brazil tells foreigners stay out of Amazon

BRASILIA, Brazil (Reuters) - Brazil on Tuesday rejected foreign proposals to buy and preserve land in the endangered Amazon, just weeks before its negotiators were due to present their own rainforest protection plan at global climate talks.


Hollywood honchos take a turn at comic books

By almost any measure, writing for comic books is a big step down for authors who are enjoying success in TV, films or fiction. But try telling that to the big-name scribes who are taking the plunge into the pulpy world of muscle-bound superheroes. They all think they've died and gone to heaven.


Ayubowan, visitor!

Early Arab traders called Sri Lanka Serendib. This is the word that gave rise to 'serendipity', which means 'the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident'. Those traders knew what they were about when they named this island off the tip of India. After long journeys on its rural roads, IZATUN SHARI makes some pleasant discoveries of her own.


Iron man on ice

What makes a man leave the comfort and safety of his home to spend two years traversing the Arctic Circle alone? Whydoes South African explorer Mike Horn think nothing of walking paths that have ledothers to their death? MARTIN VENGADESAN talks to this record-breaking adventurerabout testing the limits of human endurance.