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India to work with Malaysia in biotech, IT and space studyies

Malaysia and India are set to work together in the fields of biotechnology, information technology and space technology.


China shares bird flu samples, denies new strain report

BEIJING (Reuters) - China agreed on Friday to share long-sought bird flu virus samples with international health authorities, after rejecting scientists' findings that a new, vaccine-resistant strain was circulating in the country.


WHO tells bird flu scientists to stop squabbling

HONG KONG (Reuters) - The World Health Organisation has urged Chinese and foreign scientists to stop squabbling and share information to figure out how to combat a new H5N1 bird flu virus strain that is spreading unchecked in poultry flocks.


Pope, rockers back pioneering vaccine bond

LONDON (Reuters) - Pope Benedict joined other religious leaders, rock stars and financial institutions on Tuesday to buy into a $1 billion bond issue that will fund life-saving vaccines for children in poor countries.


U.S. experiment uses AIDS to fight AIDS

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An AIDS virus genetically engineered to fight other AIDS viruses worked better than expected, suppressing the virus and renewing the immune systems of a few patients, researchers reported on Monday.


Religious leaders unite to launch vaccine bond

LONDON (Reuters) - Representatives of the world's leading religions will on Tuesday buy the first bonds in a pioneering $1 billion issue to fund life-saving vaccine projects.


Religious leaders, rockers unite for vaccine bond

LONDON (Reuters) - Investors snapped up a $1 billion bond to fund life-saving vaccines for children in developing countries on Tuesday as central banks, religious leaders and rock stars bought into the first scheme of its kind.


Helping government staff with low incomes

The Government is looking at ways to increase the income of lower-ranking civil servants, many of whom live in poverty upon retirement.


Scientists get snapshot of AIDS defense mechanism

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists trying to figure out why a few people resist the ravages of AIDS say they have captured a snapshot of an immune system structure that could help them design a drug to boost the body's defenses against the virus.


New H5N1 strain in China not posing new dangers

HONG KONG (Reuters) - A new strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus has not shown any significant mutation that would enable it to spread easily among people, the World Health Organisation said.