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Latin American nations fuming over NSA spying allegations

Irate Latin American nations are demanding explanations from the United States about new allegations that it spied on both allies and foes in the region with secret surveillance programs.


Gulf lovers use smartphones to beat segregation

Jaber and his girlfriend flirt the day away, never wasting a minute to sweet-talk and dream of a future together, but like most Gulf Arab youths they can only do it virtually.


Snowden still at airport, Ecuador asylum decision could take months

A former US spy agency contractor facing charges of espionage remained in hiding at a Moscow airport


A look at the greenest smartphone makers

How do you judge the impact that your shiny new smartphone is having on the environment?


Next generation of smartphones could have fingerprint-proof displays

A new stain-repellent coating could make fingerprint-marked and smudged screens a thing of the past.


Groupon shares crumple after dismal outlook, take-rate cut

Groupon lost a quarter of its market value after revealing it began to take a smaller cut of revenue during the holidays.


Analysis: The near impossible battle against hackers everywhere

Security officers and their consultants say they are overwhelmed at having to fend off many intrusions at once.


From Sudan to cyberspace, secret war with Iran heats up

The largely hidden war between Iran and its foes seems to be heating up and spreading.


Kaspersky plans software for securing nuclear plants

The company is in talks with government institutions about installing the new operating system.


New computer spying program linked to Flame authors

The new miniFlame struck only about 50 'high-value' machine according to Kaspersky Lab.