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Shopee enabling healthier lives, happier homes with 'Super Brand Day'

Shopee is having a 'Super Brand Day' campaign in partnership with Mead Johnson Nutrition and Reckitt Benckiser starting Feb 25.

6 hormones that influence weight loss in women

There are six hormones in women that directly or indirectly influence their weight, and therefore, need to be addressed in any weight-loss programme.

Latest season of TV series 'Strike Back' shot entirely in Malaysia

British actor Jamie Bamber joins the latest season of 'Strike Back' as Colonel Alexander Coltrane, the new commanding officer of a team of covert special-ops soldiers.

Do women suffer more from migraines than men?

According to research, this is unfortunately true, as women not only suffer from the common causes of migraines, but also fluctuating oestrogen levels that can be a migraine trigger.

Adopt poor posture to learn the right one

Instead of telling people to adjust their postures, it might be better to tell them to adopt a poor posture in order to know why having a right posture is important.

‘Kingdom’ mixes zombies with a period drama

The six-episode, headlined by Ju Ji-hoon, Bae Doo-na and Ryu Seung-ryong, tackles classism and greed by placing zombies during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. This is Netflix’s first original Korean scripted series.

Does your child indulge in emotional eating?

Here’s how to recognise if your child is resorting to emotional eating, or eating to comfort themselves, rather than because of hunger.

Do you grind your teeth while asleep?

Are your teeth worn down and you don’t know why? It might because you grind your teeth, also known as bruxism. which can occur while your're asleep or awake.

‘Swing Kids’: Workable mashup of war and dance movies

Director Kang Hyoung-chul brings to the movies Jang Woo-sung’s stage musical, about a group of prisoners of war recruited for a dance show.