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Two Fit: Magnesium oil is the new fad to reduce muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are common in any sporting activity. Fit or unfit, young or old – no one is immune to cramps.

Curious Cook: The gluttony of health diets, part 1

New diet fads pop up all the time. Here’s a look at these ‘plans’ by various categories, including calorie, food group and time restrictions.

Spotlighting five innovative startups in Malaysia

Malaysian startups are using technologies such as machine learning and blockchain to help companies compete in a new era.

Ways to reduce risk of breast cancer and help your body heal from it

Breast cancer survivors should take heed of several lifestyle factors that can help reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

Why parents send their kids to private learning centres

THERE isn’t just one answer to this. One major reason is the cost. These private learning centres, which offer international curriculum, are generally cheaper than private and international schools.

Bait is a sure shot for seafood done right

Bait at The Intermark charts a sure course for seafood dishes done right, with the perfect amount of interest and intrigue on each plate.

Gathering watch little ocean gems

DIGGING for clams by the seashore is a good way for parents to bond with their children during the long school holidays.

Squeezed by sanctions, North Korea firm hawks cancer cures

Jinan (China) (AFP) - While the United States pushes for new sanctions on North Korea, one trading company from the hermit state has creatively reinvented itself to survive. Its latest offer: A $50 root to "cure" cancer.

Noodle broth with multiple identities

DEPENDING on where you come from, the aromatic, rich and savoury prawn mee is known by many names.

Vegetarian-friendly nation index includes Malaysia

New index names most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world that includes Seychelles, Thailand and Malaysia.