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Rapid, unprecedented change needed to halt global warming - U.N.

LONDON/INCHEON, South Korea (Reuters) - Keeping the Earth's temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius means making rapid, unprecedented changes in the way people use energy to eat, travel and live or we risk even more extreme weather and loss of species, a U.N. report said on Monday.


Scientists unravel the mysteries of the Salish Sea

Endangered orca whales exclusively eat chinook salmon. And the chinook eat a forage fish that is known as sand lance. If this forage fish disappears, the salmon will disappear.


Hurricane raises questions about rebuilding along North Carolina's coast

RODANTHE, N.C. (Reuters) - When Florence was raging last Friday on North Carolina's Outer Banks, the hurricane tore a 40-foot (12-meter) chunk from a fishing pier that juts into the ocean at the state's most popular tourist destination.


Greenland and the hunt for better climate science

GREENLAND (Reuters) - Flying over eastern Greenland, the NASA scientists stared down from a Gulfstream jet as it followed the precise course they had flown in previous years - using radar to map the loss of ice.


Scientists investigate icy streams for survival clues

FURKA, Switzerland (Reuters) - A team of scientists has embarked on a four-year quest to discover what beyond water the world loses when glaciers melt.


At 'America First Energy Conference', solar power is dumb, climate change is fake

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Pumping carbon dioxide into the air makes the planet greener; the United Nations puts out fake science about climate change to control the global energy market; and wind and solar energy are simply "dumb".


Thaw of Antarctic ice lifts up land, might slow sea level rise

OSLO, June 21 (Reuters) - Antarctica's bedrock is rising surprisingly fast as a vast mass of ice melts into the oceans, a trend that might slow an ascent in sea levels caused by global warming, scientists said on Thursday.


Antarctic thaw quickens, trillions of tonnes of ice raise sea levels

OSLO (Reuters) - An accelerating thaw of Antarctica has pushed up world sea levels by almost a centimetre since the early 1990s in a risk for coasts from Pacific islands to Florida, an international team of scientists said on Thursday.


Seas to rise about a metre even if climate goals are met - study

OSLO (Reuters) - Sea levels will rise between 0.7 and 1.2 metres (27-47 inches) in the next two centuries even if governments end the fossil fuel era as promised under the Paris climate agreement, scientists said on Tuesday.


Soccer, cricket and golf handicapped by UK climate change - study

OSLO (Reuters) - Golf, cricket and soccer are suffering from wetter weather linked to climate change in Britain, the nation which laid down the modern rules for the games, a study said on Wednesday.