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Airbnb hits back at Paris ban threat

Rent-a-room giant Airbnb accused the Paris official seeking to ban the service in the city of electioneering and insisted it enjoys widespread support in the French capital.


Venmo considers making it harder to see what other people are buying

Tap on the Venmo app on your phone, and chances are you’ll greeted with a running list of payments made from one person to another for anything from brunch bills to rent payments. But the real-time ticker of strangers’ spending habits could soon go away.


‘Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version’ is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan

'Resident Evil 7' is heading to Nintendo Switch in Japan on May 24, publisher Capcom announced on Monday. But, oddly enough, it’s a cloud version of the game that people can rent and stream to the hybrid console.


China tries to charm tech-savvy Taiwanese youth as political ties fray

A startup incubator on the outskirts of Shanghai is laying out sweeteners for budding entrepreneurs: Free office space, subsidised housing rent, tax breaks and in some cases, cash of up to 200,000 yuan (RM124,756).


Ford partners with Hertz to make holiday season shopping simple

From Wednesday, FordPass users in the UK will be able to rent a van on an hourly basis at preferential rates and by simply tapping a button within the FordPass app.


Airbnb puts automatic rental cap on central Paris offers

Short-term rental website Airbnb said it would automatically cap the number of days its hosts can rent their property each year in central Paris.


Airbnb, Paris rental agents to register from Oct 2, Figaro says

Paris authorities will make it mandatory for all landlords renting their homes through Airbnb Inc and other online platforms to register before offering lodging, as the city seeks to increase control and crack down on those who unlawfully rent, Le Figaro reported.


Treadmills to karaoke – China goes sharing crazy

Backed by a torrent of venture capital, China has gone sharing mad with everything from treadmills to karaoke booths and napping capsules all up for short-term rent – and at the click of a smartphone.


Airbnb says had proposed alternative to forcing Paris hosts to register rentals

Short-term rental website Airbnb said it had proposed for Paris and other large French cities to create automated limits to ensure its hosts did not rent their property beyond the 120 days a year legal limit for a main residence in France.


Tech workers find communal living a solution for high rents

Zander Dejah, 25, pays US$1,900 (RM8,455) a month rent to live in a downtown San Francisco house with at least 40 other people, many of whom sleep in bunk beds.