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Peking Man show at Muzium Negara traces history of earliest humans in Asia

Muzium Negara hosts China’s The Peking Man Exhibition: Zhoukoudian Heritage Site, a touring exhibit shedding light on a species that provides the biological link between ape and man.

Asia & Oceania

Obama ‘bun cha’ table in Vietnam goes under glass

The Hanoi restaurant table where former US president Barack Obama ate is under a glass box for eternity.


The advent of Dr Robot

Robotic systems enable surgeons to more precisely carry out surgical procedures, as well as reduce possible complications.


Malay manuscripts, contemporary art merge in 'Alegori' at Galeri Petronas

'Alegori: Contemporary Art Expressions From Malay Manuscripts' at Galeri Petronas in Kuala Lumpur offers up new possibilities for history and heritage.


Pharrell Williams, Louis XIII Cognac counter global warming with '100 Years'

To convey the message of #ifwecare, Pharrell Williams and Louis XIII cognac have collaborated on a secret song called '100 Years'.


KL Biennale: Concepts of love and artistic discourses

The KL Biennale is a modestly scaled yet heartful attempt at putting the nation on the global art map.


Frozen ovarian tissue for a future child

Transplant of ovarian tissue frozen years ago holds hope of life.


New laws to save corals?

Coral reefs and marine life may be protected by new laws in Malaysia as proposed by Minister or Natural Resources and the Environment Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi.


Further developments in helping cancer survivors get pregnant

Improvements in transplanting frozen ovarian tissue are a step forward in enabling cancer survivors to have a family.


Newly discovered orangutans already face extinction

The newly discovered Tapanuli orang utan is a breakthrough that requires our concerted conservation efforts.