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Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement protest art does disappearing act

Dozens of Hong Kong artists who sketched and illustrated the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement protests in 2014 have their works are on display as part of the British Museum’s 'I Object' exhibition in London.

Asia & Oceania

Off The Beat: Swimming with jellyfishes on Kakaban Island

In this week's Off The Beat column, our writer takes a trip to the little-known island of Kakaban in East Kalimantan for an amazing underwater experience.


Restoration of Chow Kit's 'Rumah Degil' from 1926 almost done

Reconstruction of the Chow Kit Heritage House known as 'Rumah Degil' is expected to be complete by Nov 2018. Conservation efforts have not only rescued a Malaysian architectural legacy but also a rare piece of Kuala Lumpur's history.


Historical Sentul Depot to be turned into a lifestyle destination

YTL Land aims to turn the sprawling, historical Sentul Depot into an event space and lifestyle destination in five years.

Food News

3 ways baking soda makes food rise and shine

When baking soda and an acidic ingredient get together, be prepared for an effervescent reaction.

Science & Technology

The dramatic development of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

Over the last 40 years, ever since the first IVF baby was born in England, the science and technology behind this procedure has grown by leaps and bounds.


Kickstart your arts project with a grant from cultural agency Cendana

Cultural agency Cendana steps forward to award financial grants to an array of Malaysian artists, musicians, theatre practitioners and researchers from various disciplines.


Celebrities contribute to conservation efforts at Belum-Temenggo

As part of continuous conservation efforts at Belum-Temenggor, 2,000 new gaharu trees are expected to be planted by year end.


We need a Health Ombudsman

The formulation and implementation of specific policies and strategies to minimise harm and improve the quality of healthcare provided to patients is vital.


The Malaysian kampung homestay experience

One of the year’s rising travel trends in Malaysia is the homestay village experience, where tourists immerse themselves in the culture and daily activities of the local communities.