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No reason for us to be racists

Racial polarisation is a problem affecting not just Malaysia but we should be better at ending it

Doing all we must to keep Internet free

I WAS first introduced to the Internet 20 years ago. Back then, we had computers at home but not a modem, so I had to occasionally pop into my parents’ workplace for my mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) fix.

Setting limits in the tech world

A break from social media turns out to be a challenge filled with valuable lessons.

Don’t act like the trolls

Bangsar Boy - By NIKI CHEONG
Long way to go before Netizens are tactful and respectful of people’s beliefs, culture and feelings.

The importance of self-expression

Bangsar Boy - By Niki Cheong
The arts and humanities plays a crucial role in enriching the soul and creating a civilised society.

Taking that leap into the unknown

When the opportunity arises, make a change no matter how old you are.

Finding one’s way home

Bangsar Boy - By Niki Cheong
Living abroad makes one reflect on the adage ‘home is where the heart is’

Stop being selfish Malaysian drivers

Mistaken sense of entitlement causing many to break traffic rules for personal convenience.

Dilemma of starving students

Bangsar Boy - By Niki Cheong
Looking beyond the option of working part-time to survive.

Thank you for the love, dee

MY FATHER was my hero growing up, and he remains my hero today. Four hours after I landed, my dad had a seizure attack which led to his passing barely a week later. He was 73.