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Asia & Oceania

Malaysia should look East to become tourism nation

By prioritising foreigners, Japan has built its reputation as a ‘tourism nation’.

Asia & Oceania

Does Malaysia have the best taxi service in the world?

Try and experience a city by by riding in a local taxi – it is just like meeting the “local ambassador” of a city. It is also safe and fun. But the question is: Which country has the best taxi service?


Prepare for disasters while travelling

When it comes to travel, personal safety is your own responsibility. Our columnist shares what it takes to keep yourself safe while on holiday.


Tour leaders: Small role, big responsibility

There’s more to a tour leader’s job than to just wave tiny flags around for their travel group to see. This week, we take a look at what tour leaders do.

Asia & Oceania

Time to improve airport services

What is the main reason top airports like Incheon in South Korea and Changi in Singapore keep winning awards?


Ten suggestions from Apple Vacations boss to improve our tourism industry

What should the yet-to-be appointed Tourism Minister mark as priorities? Cleaner toilets and efficient services are just some of what should be looked into, according to a ‘to do’ list provided by a senior private sector official.

Metro News

Over 115 shops now sell MBPJ parking coupons

There should be no more difficulties in obtaining PJ parking coupons now that the city council has roped in more than 115 shops to help sell them.


Where can you get PJ parking coupons?

MBPJ parking coupons, sold in hourly, daily and monthly formats, with prices ranging from RM6 to RM100, should now be available at 16 authorised agents.


At risk of losing heritage status

From K. NARAYANASAMY of Malacca


Save Malacca before it is too late

A reader wants the authorities to buck up in ensuring that Malacca does not lose its Unesco World Heritage status.