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What to watch: First day of CNY

Find out what’s on the telly on Chinese New Year.


Malaysian actor Frederick Lee heads to Taiwan

Actor Frederick Lee says older brother Christopher is his role model.


5 best TV shows of 2016


9 films advance in foreign-language Oscar race

Nine films have been selected to be in the final round of Oscar voting (foreign-language category).


She embraces her Chinese-Malay heritage and discovers her true talent

Selina Siak Chin Yoke digs into her family history to tell the tantalisingly tasty tale of rebellious baba-nonya maiden Chye Hoon.


Review: The Magicians

This adult dark fantasy series balances both magic and relationships well.


Hungry In Ipoh serves up an interesting mix of human relationships

Many of the stories in this anthology have a balance of elements, delicate execution, and haunting endings with unresolved issues.


Unilateral conversions: These families' lives are in limbo

Families are torn apart by unilateral conversions, their hope? That the authorities resolve the issue quickly.


Top 5 Hollywood movies of 2015

Amidst the fire and blood of spectacular movie bombs, a few films stood out.


Touche: Seasons of life

As in nature, so in our lives: Each season has its challenges and also its beauty.