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Bad Neighbours

This sometimes-funny comedy is frequently outrageous and raunchy – but in a surprisingly good-natured way.

The Amazing Adventures Of The Sofa Spudniks: Live long and prosper

Whether you know or not where our headline originated from, chances are you’ve said it once or twice before. Yes, the Spudniks are paying tribute to famous TV catchphrases.

Fake Chinese Sphinx attracts tourists, but Egypt is not happy

The land renowned for fake products might just have taken its mimicry a step too far.

Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler reunite for a third romantic comedy

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler first met at a party in the mid-1990s and immediately clicked. Now, the long-time friends reunite for another romantic comedy, "Blended".

Welcome to our country

Ever since she arrived in Washington DC in mid-April, our columnist has often been ‘welcomed’ and discovers that oftentimes this goes beyond lip service.

Doctor Oz in hot soup

TV’s Dr Oz faces Capitol Hill critics over weight-loss claims.

Face frames: The eyebrows say it all

Regardless whether you have brow envy or brow indifference, it makes sense to pay more attention to your arches.

Fancy that: Australian star Iggy Azalea is on the up-and-up

Her latest hit may be about living the high life but Iggy Azalea doesn’t shy away from talking about her humble beginnings.

Real beauty

People often judge others based on appearances, missing the substance of a person's character.

Football fakers

And so the circus called football rolls on.