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Guard your gut against cancer, advise experts

MALAYSIAN experts are urging the public to undergo early screening for colon cancer in conjunction with World Digestive Health Day 2019, which is commemorated worldwide today.

Mobile initiative to drive home importance of healthy gut

WE OFTEN forget to take time to understand how to care for our gut health, which is why Vitagen has taken the initiative to share its expertise and knowledge with its new Digestive Health On-Wheels education initiative.

Problems with pooping and pain are signs of a gut disorder

In conjunction with World Digestive Health Day on May 29, we take a look at one of the less serious, but still debilitating gut disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Kids and adults digest ways to guard guts at exhibition

PETALING JAYA: Digestive health was brought to a new level through interactive exhibits and games aimed at educating young minds on maintaining a healthy stomach.

If you have bowel problems, add soya protein to your diet

A diet supplemented with soya protein may ease the severity of chronic inflammatory bowel disease, says a new study.

Nutrition experts team up with beverage brand for health campaign

WHAT is your gut telling you? When you do not take care of it sufficiently, it is bound to show negative health implications which you will eventually suffer from.

More goodness from bacteria

THE benefits of probiotics, or good bacteria, are widely known among many consumers taking live culture drinks to improve their digestive health.

Development of a child's digestive system

Taking a look at the development of your child’s digestive system.