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Does access to the Web affect how we evaluate our knowledge?

A Canadian study has suggested that the Internet may be affecting the way that we think, with people less likely to say they know the answer to something when they have access to the Web.


'Star Wars' takes Chinese social media by storm, flirts with record release

After a mammoth marketing campaign, growing online chatter in China around 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' suggests the latest instalment of the hit franchise has a shot at breaking box office records in the world's second-largest movie market.


Zelda hits 30: The best

We celebrate the Legend Of Zelda’s 30th anniversary by looking back at some of the best titles in this fantastic action-adventure series and recounting why we love it so much.


Achievements unlocked: Lionhead's highs and lows

As veteran game studio Lionhead is being prepared for closure – that's the implication after Microsoft cancelled three-year project 'Fable: Legends' – we take a look back at some of the studio's victories and, more recently, the less well-received titles that may have led to its demise.


Royal Brexit gag, Google blunder lead April Fools' pranks

An unlikely royal intervention into Britain's European referendum debate was among the April Fools' stories foxing the world's newspaper readers on April 1 – but for US internet giant Google, the joke was on them.


Spanish port becomes global ‘smart city’ laboratory

In Spain’s historic port of Santander, parking is no longer a headache, rubbish bins never overflow and grass is watered only when needed since this northern resort became a testing ground for “smart cities” around the world.


Robot monk blends science and Buddhism at Chinese temple

A Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Beijing has decided to ditch traditional ways and use technology to attract followers.


Using USB drives as bait

Hackers don’t need complicated codes and tactics to break into computer systems – all they need is a USB drive.


Visit Mars with NASA's 360° view video

Take a look around Mars through the eyes of a space rover using a 360° video that NASA has published online.


Wall Street hopes software helps it hire loyal bankers

Clinching a job on Wall Street soon may have as much to do with beating an algorithm as nailing the interview.