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A deliciously eclectic bookshelf

Picks for all kinds of foodies abound this month, from the chocolate-lover to the wanderlust-struck gourmand.

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Sundubu – a Korean soup opera

The life-changing magic of sundubu is now captured in new Korean cookbooks and restaurants.


Dollops of kitchen wisdom for kids

FUN learning at KidZania takes the food route with the introduction of four new cooking activities, under its KidZ vs Food programme.

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Learn from the experts and their cookbooks

Land of Fish And Rice

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Winning Malaysian cookbooks: From Kristang to Kelabit

We look briefly at the books from six Malaysian authors who marked their spot in this year's Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

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Chef lives through flying knives and failed sauces

Eric Ripert talks about believing he was a cook, to being a cook.


Today, let's celebrate the Malaysian doughnut – kuih keria

Malaysians can celebrate their own Doughnut Day with a sweet potato variety, kuih keria.


Web series 'Pantry Raid' uncovers dirty secrets in celeb kitchens

Some celebrities know how to dish the dirt, but when the tables are turned, can they stand the heat? To find out, we took our cameras into their homes to see what secrets they're hiding... in their kitchen! Pantry Raid is a new web series from and that investigates the mysteries lurking in the back of their fridges, unearths skeletons from the dark corners of their cupboards, and discovers what dirty dishes they've left soaking in their sink.

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Cape Malay pickled fish a much-loved South African dish

Pickled fish may be an Easter treat in South Africa, but it's delicious no matter whether you're celebrating the occasion or not.

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4 cookbooks on bone broth

Delving into the hot depths of bone broth, the crazy-trendy age-old liquid that has taken the world by storm.