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Learning through play

THE first 12 months are vital learning years for a baby. During this time there is no distinction between playing and learning.

What's wrong with grammar?

Readers share their views.

Race to recover

RACING for Recovery (R4R) was a result of a realisation by one man, Todd Crandell, that he had a story to tell.

Checks on private healthcare

In the concluding part of the report on I>Building an Innovative Healthcare System: Options for Malaysia/Iby LOH FOON FONG, who received the World Health Organisation Journalism Fellowship recently and was sent on exposure trips to Switzerland and Sweden, she writes on private healthcare.

No less a gem

They may not be diamonds, but semi-precious gemstones have a lustre that#8217;s hard to resist. When it comes to costume jewellery, semi-precious gemstones are the answer to fragile beads and tacky coloured glass. They make a bold fashion statement, no two are exactly alike, they don#8217;t cost a body part, and they are awfully pretty. Just take a cue from celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Estella Warren and Malaysian actress, Lee Sin-Jie of I>The Eye/Ifame, and keep the look clutter-free.

Eyeing the force

DR ONG HEAN-TATT argues that certain glands of the body may constitute the #8216;third eye#8217; and feng shui forces acting on it may be beneficial.

Dashing colours

NIGHT Amulet from ettusais is a powder-form skincare protection for women#8217;s complexion. It works while you sleep at night to improve rough skin by absorbing and controlling the cause of roughness.

Care for hyper-pigmentation

Among the complaints one collects as one approaches the mid-years, excessive skin pigmentation is one of the niggling ones. IRENE KIEW looks at what Dermalogica has done to address the problem.

When taekwando meets 'aikijujitsu'

Malaysians are getting a kick out of 'hapkido', a little-known martial art that combines Korean taekwondo and Japanese 'aikijujitsu'. Just the thing for women who want to pick up self-defence skill.

Washing your kidneys at home

Daily dialysis patients spend half as much time in the hospital and have fewer treatment-related symptoms,writes LINDA MARSA.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

This month, we speak to 3 female icons about empowerment and more - read it for FREE this week.