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Tying the financial knot after saying 'I do'

Managing your money as a couple takes mutual trust and shared goals.


You can now hear with your tongue

Yup, you ‘tasted’ that right! Scientists have come up with a device that allows you to hear with your tongue.


Scientists and non-scientists just can't agree: survey

A new survey conducted among scientists and the general public shows that they don’t see eye to eye on various key issues such as climate change and GMO foods.


Research institutions band together to try and solve the mystery of premature births

Premature birth is the No.1 cause of death for newborns and leading cause of lasting childhood disabilities.


Dig deeper when seeking weight loss advice online

Anyone searching on the Internet for quality information on weight loss should expect to filter through junk advice first, says study.


Malaysia’s grand biotech plans

Approaching biotech by building a holistic bioeconomy-based ecosystem.


Overeating: Kids will snack even when not hungry, says study

Even in the absence of hunger, children as young as three won't refuse a calorie-laden snack, according to a new study.


Malaysia’s biotech landscape finally starting to emerge

Does the arrival of global biotech firms mark Malaysia’s official arrival on the international scene?


Weight loss: Maintenance is better than a quick fix

In a trial of weight loss approaches, the rate at which people dropped excess pounds was not linked to their success in keeping the weight off, says research.


And now for some beach therapy

From the texture of the sand to the blue aquatic hue of the waters, experts say the beach offers plenty of restorative benefits to even the most jaded of souls.