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My Kitchen Rules winning sisters rock their Indonesian roots

Tasia and Gracia Seger won Season 7 of Australian reality cooking show My Kitchen Rules and are now on their way to making their foodie dreams come true.

Are we ready for the day when antibiotics stop working?

Leading medical experts are worried about the coming "post-antibiotic apocalypse". What will happen when antibiotics no longer work?

Tips on how not to overindulge this festive season

It's the end of the year and we all want to just cut loose, but maintain a little control and you won’t regret it come the new year.

This consortium is giving away their science to accelerate drug discovery

A public-private partnership based in Oxford aims to crowdsource drug development by providing their work for free to any researcher who wants it.

Discovering new drugs relies on an incredibly inefficient process

The discovery and development of new drugs is an extremely expensive endeavour with a very high failure rate.

You can die from this

The flu sickens and kills many in a good year, and this is already a bad one. It's time to step up the search for a universal flu vaccine.

The palm oil miracle

Palm oil has been found to have many benefits for human health.

Lions Clubs International roars with their first woman president

Gudrun Bjort Yngvadottir is the first woman to lead the humanitarian and volunteer service group internationally, and she’s got big plans for the Lions Clubs members.

Zika kills childhood cancer?

Scientists report neuroblastoma cells that were exposed to the Zika virus in the laboratory died 10 days after being infected, making the virus a potential treatment for the cancer.

The Malaysian scientist who uses bugs to solve deaths & crimes

Forensic entomologists play a vital, if often overlooked role in today’s society. That's where people like Dr Heo Chong Chin come in.