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These singers had extensive plastic surgery for fame

K-pop girl band SixBomb undergo plastic surgery and then use it as concept for new single.


Warming up to volcanoes in Hawaii

It's not an easy journey to see volcanoes up close in Hawaii but it is so worth the effort.


Never forget: Wonderful indigenous art on display in KL

Galeri Petronas presents an insightful exhibition on indigenous culture

Asia & Oceania

Mauritius is a little slice of paradise

The island holds a treasure trove of colours, sandy beaches and crystalline waters.


Thai artist turns Songkhla residents into movie stars

Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul has painted a mural of Songkhla’s old town residents as movie stars.


Video: Fall in love with Paris all over again

The city of Paris has released a new tourism video in the hopes of bringing tourists back to the capital following the spate of terror attacks.


No sex please: Why 44% of Japanese women stay virgins

For a developed country, Japan has a high percentage of men and women who stay virgins, says a new survey. Why are Japanese people having less sex?


Celebrating Star Trek's 50th year in style

A special fan day to the unveiling of Leonard Nimoy Way and a special outdoor movie premiere were unforgettable moments for diehard devotees.


Breastfeeding needs a father's commitment too

It's World Breastfeeding week and mothers are getting together to encourage women to breastfeed.


7 must-see places in the US this year

There are seven destinations in the United States that come highly recommended in 2016.