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Cheaper sensors could speed more self-driving cars to market by 2022

The first heavily automated mass-market vehicles for consumers could go on sale as soon as 2022, if one or more vehicle manufacturers adopt a new sub-US$500 lidar sensing package being developed by Silicon Valley startup Luminar.

Uber tests drone food delivery, launches new autonomous SUV

Uber is testing restaurant food deliveries by drone.

Uber unveils next-generation Volvo self-driving car

Uber Technologies Inc unveiled its newest Volvo self-driving car in Washington on June 12 as it works to eventually deploy vehicles without drivers under some limited conditions.

Ford launches testing of new self-driving fleet in Detroit

Ford Motor Co's majority owned autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Argo AI, launched its new fleet of self-driving test vehicles – Ford Fusion Hybrid – in Detroit on June 12, expanding its presence to five US cities.

VW nears self-driving deal with Ford, exits Aurora alliance

Volkswagen AG ended a self-driving technology partnership with Silicon Valley startup Aurora Innovation Inc as it draws closer to a broader collaboration on autonomous cars with Ford Motor Co.

Ford denies it is in the self-driving slow lane

Ford Motor Co may be taking a cautious approach to its autonomous driving programme, but its chairman rejected claims that the US automaker was falling behind its peers.

The jerky ride into the future: What it’s like in a driverless car

The first autonomous buses are already rolling on the roads, and from the experts' point of view, this is just the beginning. But how does it feel when the machine takes command?

Slowing ourselves down: Autonomous cars speed up traffic, study shows

You might fancy yourself as a bit of racer, but researchers have found that the very fact that you're human means you're probably slowing down traffic.

Robo-deliveries are now a reality in China

FORGET drones. The future of deliveries may be robo-vans.

Senard: Jobs and Nissan will be safe in Fiat deal

Tokyo: Convincing the stakeholders of Renault SA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV on the merits of a merger may be the easy part. The hard task is selling the deal to Renault’s alliance partner Nissan Motor Co, as well as labour groups and politicians wary of job cuts.