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Commodities consolidate after the plunge

GOLD prices plunged to 1532.59 early last week before recoiling up more than US$140 amid weaker greenback. Transient market optimism on Eurozone debt crisis situation pushed the gold prices higher to 1676.93 regions.


EXCLUSIVE - Libya ships crude to Asia, first under new govt

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Libya is exporting its first cargo of crude to Asia under a new government as the North African nation returns to normalcy following a months-long civil war.


European quantitative easing programme revives financial market

THE United Kingdom Central Bank decided last week to re-introduce its bond-purchase programme worth £275bil to increase liquidity in financial markets.


Brussels meeting will decide new market trend

GOLD prices plunged consecutively for four straight days last week to a low 1603.60 regions before recoiled up on Friday.


Gold and silver prices soar after conclusion of EU Summit

GOLD prices soared to as high as 1752.30 regions last week amid strong conclusion of European Union (EU) Summit, broadly in line with market expectation.


Uncertainty in Eurozone triggers volatility

LAST week was a bullish roller coaster ride for the yellow metal. Gold prices retreated from a high 1802.90 amid fear in the Italian economic stability.


Precious metals may fall further due to Euro crisis

GOLD prices traded narrowly from 1666.28 to 1710.00 last week. Eurozone crisis is still the spotlight of media news since Germany strongly opposes the creation of Euro bonds.


Bullish rally in commodities amid banks’ attempt to keep fiat money afloat

GOLD prices were bullish last week and rallied US$70 up to 1763.00 regions. Most of the rally can be attributed to the concerted effort by major central banks around the world to cut the swap rate, an attempt to keep fiat money afloat.


Commodities weaken amid rising dollar

GOLD prices moved in volatile fashion early last week between 1701.00 and 1755.00 regions ahead of EU Summit.


Commodities fluctuate during uncertainty

GOLD prices rallied up quickly on the first few days of 2012 and pierced above 1600.00 regions.